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Florian Ledard

Florian Ledard

I am a 20-year-old Man French Student Freelancer

About Me

Hello, I'm Florian Ledard, a French student in MARKETING & INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS in Dublin (Ireland). My passion for entrepreneurship comes from my curiosity. Indeed, today we must quickly learn, progress and understand a wide range of topics, especially on digital marketing, which is evolving very rapidly.

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My Services


My marketing skills allow me to define the strategy that you need to develop the positioning of your brand.


My computer skills allow me to offer you a customized experience with various medias.


My graphic skills allow me to provide you with quality visuals, tailored to your graphic charts and you needs.

Academic Background

« These are our values that lead to success in relational marketing, not our graduates. »
Back to my academic background :

  • [Sept 2017]

    National College of Ireland, Dublin

    BA (Honours) in Marketing Practice

    Courses exclusively followed in English.
    NCI’s BA (Honours) in Marketing Practice will allow me to understand campaigns, the strategies behind them and give me the skills to work in this fast-paced area.

  • [Sept 2015 - 2016]

    Technology Institute, Angers

    DUT Marketing Techniques

    With the distinction “Second year in work-linked training”.
    This training allowed me to intervene in all stages of marketing: market research, marketing strategy, commercial communication ...

  • [Sept 2012 - 2014]

    School Malraux, Allonnes

    BAC in Economics & Social Sciences

    Distinction "Good" and "European"
    The Bac ES is a balanced baccalaureate with economics, sociology, history, geography, math ... A series to deepen the understanding of the contemporary world.

Professional Experiences

« Those who want to succeed give themselves the means, the others find an excuse. »
Back to my professional experiences (the main jobs are listed here) :

  • [Sept 2016 - 2017]

    Fuseau SAS, Angers

    Marketing & Communication Assistant

    Set up communication tools to develop the notoriety of the brand “Trésors de Chefs”. Creation of advertising visuals, management of social networks, management of the website.

  • [Sept 2016 - 2017]

    Caterer, Le Mans

    Extra restaurant waiter

    Set up the room and set up the tables for the service, greet the guests on arrival, set it up at a table, serve the dishes in the dining room, clear the tables, clean the restaurant room and store the dishes.

  • [Feb - Sept 2016]

    Mutual Logistic, Le Mans

    Order Picker

    Work done in parallel with my studies (weekends and school holidays). Preparation and handling of packages for palletizing and commissioning starting area in cold preparations (-25 degrees).

My Works

Work-linked training in Webmarketing

Introduce the "Trésors de Chefs" brand in the minds of consumers.

Extra Restaurant Waiter

Installation of the room, service, clearing, diving.

Order Picker

Preparation and handling of packages in cold preparations (-25 degrees).

Creation of Logo

The official sandwich course logo of the school.

Student-Entrepreneur Grade

Development of an entrepreneurial project.

Vert Clères Website

An official website.

Burger King Project

A student website.

Wash Me Project

A student website.

My Blog

  • Dec 17, 2016
  • Florian Ledard

Travel Financing Project - IUT Angers

As part of a project to finance a school trip, we have set up a "Box" project for the Christmas period. We wanted to make products from small productions accessible to curious and gourmets. We have reached our objective, fixed at 2500 €, which is the realization of 250 Gusta Box.

  • Dec 18, 2016
  • Florian Ledard

Trade Show for U System - Fuseau

As part of my second year course, I had the opportunity to be present at a trade show. This experience allowed me to discover what really goes on, both to organize and to animate this kind of event. I was able to meet new people, talk to these people, gather their opinions and advance on my professional approaches.

  • Dec 19, 2016
  • Florian Ledard

Sales Force Internship - Vert Clères

During this 4-week-long internship, I was able to put into practice my theoretical knowledge acquired during my training. At the professional level, this experience has enriched my knowledge on the different steps to arrive at the signing of a contract, on the management of the objectives that I had set myself.

  • Dec 20, 2016
  • Florian Ledard

Innovation Competition - Agreen Startup

This experience was aimed at proposing a project to meet a need in the fields of innovation, to work in a team for 48 hours, and to present it to a jury of professionals. The challenge ? Demonstrate the potential of the startup as a whole (innovative product / business plan / communication plan / mix-marketing).

Contact Me

Dublin, Ireland

07 80 03 23 71